The Bavarian Oompah Band

Instrumental Line ups

Duo - Saxophone and Keys or Guitar

Perfect background music for setting the scene at a Champaign reception or small private event

Trio - Saxophone, Keys and Bass

The most frequently booked instrumental line-up, ideal for drinks receptions and dinners

Quartet - Saxophone, Keys, Bass and Drums

The perfect full line up for the quintessential instrumental jazz sound. Suitable for more upbeat background music or full performance

With Vocals:

Duo / Trio – Vocals and Keys or Guitar

Ideal background music with vocals, add a Saxophone for the Trio line up

Quartet – Vocals, Saxophone, Keys and Bass

For when you want vocals entertainment but drums would be too much. Can stay in the background or be used for dancing at smaller functions

Full 5 / 6 piece band – Vocals, Saxophone, Keys, Bass, Drums + optional guitar

Perfect for full evening entertainment to really get your party going. The full line up can play laid back standards through to pop and soul classics


Extended line ups.

Larger line ups including horns section, male & female vocals are always available on request